turn of video autoplay

How to Turn off Facebook Auto Playing Sound and Video Volume

Facebook, A place where people meets, share and do many more things. It is only social sites which has billion visitors across the world. As per various researches, people spent more than 3 hours on facebook on various things. Every time facebook is adding new features to users so that they will engage people in longer time. Now a day people share each good, bad, beautiful moment in time line with picture or video. Every day facebook adding million of users every day so if you are still away from the facebook then join now only.  Every time facebook try to provide good facilities to use but you know some facilities are not user friendly.

turn of video autoplay

Now a day many facebook users are facing or irritated with music video voice and they are unable to stop until people close the videos so after too much complain about that functionality and not user friendly. Facebook has corrected the system in new update if you still using old version of facebook then you will still face this issue so here well explain how stop this issue permanently so that you will not get too much irritation. So you read the all steps and do as you want to do. It is very an easy step so you can able to do in few minutes. After that you can able to use facebook in very happy way so enjoy the facebook after doing these steps.

For android phone and iphone, you should do as per the mentioned steps in below

  1. Now click on the three line hamburger button which is located in upper right corner.
  2. After that click on app setting and look for video feed setting
  3. If you found that button then toggle that button for off
  4. Now your video feed voice will be off and enjoy on facebook

It is applicable of all android as well as iphone so you should do if still not did. If you need any help on that then comment through the blow comment box.



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