How to send the google Maps Locations through the Whatsapp App


Millions of user are using the whatsapp since last many years and doing text, sending videos and many more things. But many people don’t know how to send the google maps locations through the wahtsapp so we thought that we have to provide such information so that you people will get much more idea about that so keep checking the process. As you whatsapp is widely used by the user with general purpose and due to that many people don’t know about some internal as well as external function about that. Like sending the maps location to your friends and anyone who is in your friend list. So you can understand the usage of the whatsapp in proper way.

This idea came when many people will asked in the comment section is How to send the google maps location through the whatsapp. So after doing extensive work we reach in a position that we should provide the details about that. Before the reading this article you must know something like how to use google maps, how to use whatsapp and sending video and text through the wahstapp. As you know to each of these things will make easy and very less time consuming to the learing this things. So the steps related to the sending a google maps are give in the below so read and use if you got any problem then fell free to comment and ask.

  • First of all open the whatsapp and go the friends and family in which you want to send the maps
  • Now click on the attachment and you have seen the maps so click on that maps button
  • After that, your maps are opened in the new window and check you location which you want to send.
  • After that you click on that location and send to the respective people and person to whom you want to send.
  • Through this process you can able to send any location and things to the any of the person.

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