aadhaar pay merchant app

How to Do Payment though Aadhar Payments App

aadhaar pay merchant app

After the demonetization, value of aadhar car will gradually increase across the India. People understood the value of aadhaar card at the time of demonetization. Government also forced people to use aadhar card more and more. At that time people faced lot of problem and them unable to find the easiest place to do money transaction. As you know most of the Indian account had added the aadhar card in the bank account. So government wants to take benefits of that and they published new app as well as whole system for the online and easy method of transfer money so they launched aadhar payment apps. It is easy and very less maintained system and any one can use this without much knowledge of compute and other system.

Day by day indian is adopting more technology than the conventional things so you all must be update from this type of changes. The 2016 and 2017 are more surprising year for Indian. India is moving cash economy to cashless economy. So here we are giving the detailed info about the aadhar payment usage and working procedure. You should study well and try to use aadar payment method.

  • Aadhar Payment method is based on aadhar number
  • Any one can use these method to transfer money from one place to other through the aadhar card
  • Just you need aadhar enabled machine of download the app and buy one biometric thumb machine
  • Through this system you can able to send money as well as receive the money through that
  • But you should know the whole process of that before the adopting it
  • You also use on small shop to big place where turnover is more.
  • All machinery are available in the market but to operate this you must have aadhar card
  • If you not have aadhar card then check details of how to apply and check the aadhar card.

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