How to handle tension at examination time?

exam-stressExam is one of most challenging things for the students because they want to prove him what he studied in one year. Some students take too much tension on the examination time. Due to that they unable to perform as they want to do so we are sharing some tips which will definitely will help you in avoiding the tension and any mental pressure. These is also for parents so that they can give him/her proper guideline. So read this blog it will help in examination time as well as it will help in scoring marks also.

Ten easy ways to avoid exam stress as well as tension

Walk 10 to 15 Minutes Every day:-  If you feel pressure of examination then you must take 10 to 15 minutes quick walk. It will to reduce tension as well as give more energy. While walking don’t think too much and just keep mind in relax mood.

Plan Your Study Routine: – You must plan your study before string for big examination or wants good score in the examination. Students who make smart study routine they score more in examination.

Take Sound Sleep: – Must sleep 5 to 5 hours at least each day. If you want that your mind will works in good way then you must take sound sleep and then study otherwise it will harm you and you unable to score good marks.

Listen Classical Music: –  Don’t listed loud music. When you feel stress listen old classical music in low volume and keep mind in relax mood. After that try to overcome with tension and you definitely give best result.

Play some game : you can play some indore game but only for 10 to 15 minutes because if you play more than that then you feel low and your energy label also become low so pay just for fun.

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