How to delete old windows file from computer


Nearly all household person using the windows and nearly all desktop are powered by the windows so they all familiar with the windows but many people don’t know about the many things about the windows so we are giving one main concern which is facing the window user currently and they dont get solution in anywhere. Millions of user are using the windows with 8 version and upgraded with windows 10. But after that unable to delete the windows 8 old version so here we are giving the some details about the old windows. So read these steps and then apply you can delete the old window in just five to ten minutes.

We heard that many people go the shop and take help to delete the old window and that charged the big amount from that persons so our simple tips and tricks took no money and work same as you paid the money. If dint know things about the computer then also adopt the things which you want to do in the windows, don’t worries about the deleting of old window. Our process will not harm anything to you and your computer so just follow the below given procedure and keep spreading the information through the social media and other platform.

So steps are written in very simple way any less educated person also understand the details about that. So we have written in very simple way in this blog. You can get lot of benefits after deleting the old windows. Like you can get more disk space in you c drive due to that you will get more speed and able to do more things. All these process increase the efficiency of the computer and your compute life is also increased so if you have the old window then delete that window and work with efficient computer without investing any money and giving extra charge to the technical person.

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