aadhaar card linking with ration card

How to attach Aadhar Card to Ration Card, Check Full Steps

aadhaar card linking with ration card

Ration Card is one of the primary cards for those people who are taking the ration benefits like Rice and wheat on subsidy price. But you know only few people gets benefits through this card and many big players, MLA, MP and other political persons making money through that. So central government is wants to remove all loop holes which is making system not transparent. Government want to make system so transparent that money will benefit to needy people. So that lacks and crores of money saved by the central government. On this process aadhar card is playing key role and helping government for its aim.

After the adding aadhar in bank accounts, in LPG connection now they are going to add in the Ration Card. As you know that ration card is manly handled by the state government process and it is tedious process but government is pushing this work in a very big way so that they can save ample money and that money will be invested in other projects. Due to that process more transparent way government will distribute the all ration material and other beneficial things. So process of adding aadhar card is now going on and if you still not addend in that then check the steps to add the aadar card in that. It is a very simple process.

Steps to add aadhar card on the Ration Card

  • First of all keep the aadhar card if you not have then visit for applying for aadhar card and visit the nearest ration canter
  • You must kept the ration passbook or document which is issued by the state government
  • Fill the form which is given by the ration service provider
  • They submit the document to the higher authority
  • Higher government take two to three days to attaché you aadhar in the ration card
  • Now all the works is don and your aadhar card is attached on the Ration card.


















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